Working women with babies

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Since 1800s, women started taking a role in work force gradually. It may have an effect on babies with a working mother. When a baby is born, its parents, especially the mother, should take really good care of him because the role of a mother has a serious effect on the new born baby's development. However, nowadays, women concern with their career. By what means can they take care of their babies while at work? How can they strike a balance between their work and taking care of heir babies? And how can they provide the best support for their baby to grow up more intellectually?

From the reference articles, I know that there are good means to cope with the child-care problem for working mothers. To begin with, companies with a child-care centre can provide the most efficient and effective way for mothers to look after their children. The babies are kept in the centre while their mother is at work.

However, it may cost the family a lot because the company will not miss the chance of taking back its staff's salary through any channel. What's more, according to some research, no matter how close the babysitter is with the baby, when the baby feels bad or tired, it will rely on its mother rather than the babysitter. It shows that, undeniably, the relationship between the baby and its mother cannot be substituted by others. In other words, mother is the most important person for her baby.

Next, hiring a babysitter, like employing a Filipino maid, may be another good method. A maid can take care of the baby's living. Even better, she can also do the housework. However, leaving the young babies to someone that you don't know well or that is not close to you is...