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Many small businesses and larger organizations are facing the unnecessary high cost of operations because people have misappropriated the use of company's resources. While most companies consider their employees to be assets many often see them as liabilities. Larger organizations typically can afford internal control checks and balances needed to deter many of the more significant fraud and embezzlement schemes (IRS 2001). Small business often must trust individuals, however are more often subject to employee theft. This theft can go unseen and have a drastic effect on any business. Unfortunately, those organizations that can least afford internal controls, can also, least afford fraud or down time associated with improper internet usage.

Organizations are operating at higher-cost and lost revenue due to the abuse of resources by their employees. Many companies are loosing money due to low productivity when employees steal time by coming in late and more frequently using the company computer for personal use.

It is not uncommon, for employees to spend more then 1 hour of personal time on the computer during a work day (IRS 2001). This time adds up and costs the company hundreds to millions of dollars in lost time, and repair to their equipment.

Other statistical facts involving computer time theft:

Nearly half of all office employees send more personal e-mail from work than from home. Source: Jupiter Media Metrix

- More than 90 percent of office employees acknowledge that they surf the Web for personal purposes while at work; 40 percent of those surveyed said that they surf constantly. Source:

- About 70 percent of all visits to pornography sites occur during normal business hours in each time zone. There is a lull in such traffic during the lunch hour, but it picks up again when employees return back to...