Workplace Motivation

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Intel, the company that I work for has a lot of different motivational strategies for which they use to increase productivity in the work place. One is motivation by reward. This in done in many different ways both monetarily and award based. Another is by training in the work place. This helps in teaching the employee how to achieve success with in the company. Finally, there is the team building factions, which allows the employees in each area to become better acquainted.

Offering bonuses to each employee is one example of monetary reward. Each bonus is based upon product output, profitability, and being a preferred vender to our customers. This encourages employees to perform in different manners such as working to meet quotas and goals of product out put, or finding a way to save the company money. When all of these goals are met, the company rewards its employees generously with a bonus.

Another type of reward type is called a goody draw voucher. This is given to employees when they have done something above and beyond their job duties. This encourages employees to be a more productive worker by offering them the chance to receive either Intel merchandise or gift certificates to restaurants or other businesses. You are also given a copy of this certificate to use during the review process, which shows the employees supervisor or manager there achievements. In these types of rewarding techniques, management can use this type of motivation tactic almost as Pavlov used his theory on K9?s. By enticing the employee with tangible rewards, the employee will want to achieve peak performance and assist in the positive out come of the company. Although this could cost the company extra money, the profitability it gains by having a motivated employee is greater. On...