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As a manager for one of the leading confectionery and snackfood companies in the world, I have found motivation one of the keys to ensuring that employees are committed to the success and growth of the Mars organization. The secret to becoming an effective team in today's work environment is motivation and cooperation.

Mars promotes self directed teams to enhance the motivation of the employees within the teams. Managers within the organization are trained to develop associates to take ownership of the areas in which they are assigned. The reason for promoting such teams is to develop motivated and engaged employees within the organization to ensure that each employee is committed to the growth and success of the organization. Hence as hinted in the mission statement; "Driven by our Five Principles we will maintain a rewarding and challenging environment in which creativity, risk taking and responsibility encourage the best people, from diverse cultures to win, thrive, have fun and celebrate".

Employee motivation is the single most important factor to building and developing effective teams. Effective teams in the Mars organization have a clear mission and purpose. Team members must be committed to the team's mission and company's vision. Furthermore, the upper management echelon in the Mars organization believes it is healthy for the chemistry within the team to have open-ended meetings and develop active problem-solving strategies that go beyond discussing, deciding, and delegating what to do. Motivation and commitment from individuals within the team environment is a key aspect of developing self directed teams. When necessary, individuals in a team will set aside their own work to assist other members of the team. Commitment and chemistry develops as team members begin to personalize their involvement and take ownership for the team's success, I have also found this to be an...