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HealthONE Supply Chain has a corporate base (HCA) in Nashville Tennessee, with the Continental Division hub here in Denver. HCA is a major network of leading healthcare facilities across the country. The Continental Division facilities include North Suburban, Presbyterian St. Luke's, Rose Medical Center, Medical Center of Aurora, Centennial Medical Plaza, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Swedish Medical Center and the newest Colorado facility Sky Ridge Medical Center. Denver also services the Wesley Medical center in Kansas, OU Medical Center, Children's Hospital of Oklahoma, Presbyterian Tower, Everett Tower, Southwestern Medical Center and Edmond Medical Centers in Oklahoma.

My current position with HealthONE as the Facility Coordinator at Rose Medical Center involves overseeing product distribution and inventory management for the facility. Responsibilities also include expense forecasting, new product implementation and monitoring product utilization as it relates to vendor contract compliance.

I am still relatively new with HCA, with less than three years employment, so my perceptions of the organizational climate are based on a limited experience with the current structure and operations.


Communication at HCA consists of emails, payroll attachments, work procedures and policies, telephone, and postings on bulletin boards throughout the facility. A majority of the emails that are sent, both internally and externally, make up the bulk of the communication that takes place. Using Outlook system, the emails also allow for the scheduling of meetings and appointments. Additional software applications used at HCA use email as a main function to ensure that nursing unit inventories are checked through an automatic inventory management system (Supply Scan) at the medical center and our Warehouse Management System (WMS) at our new warehouse facility. Supplies are ordered and updated for usage, and requisitions or purchase orders...