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Communications Flows

Employees are the basic level of the structure in the organization. And also it is one of the influential internal factors for the company. So organize the human resource as well as we can, it also will help our organization developing. How can we organize the human resource well? Communication is one of the ways.

In my company, there are two departments, one is accounting department, and another is sale department. Those two departments have one general manager, of course sales department have more employees than the accounting department, because my company is a retail store. I am the general manager in sales department. Usually, my owner will have meeting with those two general managers once a week, and direct the news and goal about each wireless service providers. And then those two general managers have to direct that information to their staffs. Communication can help the management to understand and know the staffs.

In my company, I am the general manager of the sale's department. Under me, there are five store managers, and I will keep having one meeting with them in each week at least. Also I do require each store manager should have also one meeting for their staffs each week, too. Besides the meeting of each week, I will have a dinner party every three months with all the store managers and their staffs. Those meetings and dinner parties can help me to have a chance to communicate with all my employees. Within those meetings and parties, I can get to know my staffs' personalities and skills. As long as I know their personalities and skills well, I can organize them in different positions to produce a fully marked effect. When they can have an apposite position to demonstrate their skills, they will...