Workplace Observation

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A closer Look at My Workplace

Sarah Julie Harris

University of Phoenix

MGT 331

Amy Preiss

December 17, 2003

A Closer Look at my Workplace

I am a Real Estate Consultant for a company named Ultima Real Estate Services. There are around six hundred agents in this company. In the Garland office that I work at, I do see a few other agents, most of the agents work from their home. In the office we have; a Broker, an office manager, receptionist, an office assistant, and a mortgage company. The people in the office help answer our questions and help us with some needed paper work. The office is available to all agents, they can use the private rooms to meet with their customers, and also to make use of any office equipment needed. I have taken a closer look at how communication is used and the company culture at Ultima Real Estate Services.

I have also looked at how conflicts can arise, the use of technology, and how it has advanced our business.

In the field of real estate, communication is a key factor for a real estate consultant to be successful. I provide a personal service for my clients who seek to buy or sell property. When I need some information on a specific situation, I communicate with my fellow associates and employees. Sometimes, the information that I need is not available, or they could be withholding information. For instance, I had a listing and the sign in the yard did not have a name rider, which is a smaller sign at the bottom with my name on it. My neighbor referred a relative to me, told them to call the number on the sign, and ask for me. My...