Workplace Observation at MDB Coporation MGT 331 Describe your perception of the current organizational climate of your company.

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MBD Corporation has been a leading developer of computer software for over ten years. My position in a small group named "Product Release Services" manages the release cycle of all products before reaching the consumer. The workplace environment is defined by a work ethic modeled from the founding fathers(Forty hour work weeks are rarely seen...) coupled with the practices of contemporary business management.

My current position in the Product Release Services (PRS) group at MBD is a Digital Archivist for all the software developed and released from the corporation. I have been with this group for over five years and have changed jobs one time. My perception of the organizational environment is based on a small group contributing to the balance of the large conglomerate corporation.


Communication within MDB consists of emails, productivity applications such as "Groove" and simple hallway conversations. A majority of the communication that takes place is through email.

Using the Express mail system, both internally and externally, the application provides for the scheduling of meetings and appointments. Applications such as "Groove" offer centralized communication websites for project teams. Documentation, meetings notes, presentations, and schedules are accessible at all times with an internet connection. This has proved to be advantages for traveling team members in different time zones. Hallway talk is encouraged at MDB. The belief is that when employees are engaged in personal communication the best ideas come out of the lunch room and hallways. The atmosphere tends to be more relaxed and employees are apt to share ideas, input, and concerns.


MDB derives most of its organizational culture from heavy face-to-face contact. To make a difference one must be at the headquarters, must come to the office, and must sit through meetings. MDB has employees scattered around the globe, but nearly everyone...