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Johns Hopkins International Services is the name of my department and Johns Hopkins Hospital is the name of my organization. I will be writing about the aspects and observation of my work environment. There are three aspects that I will be discussing about and they are communication in my department and also in the other parts of the hospital, conflict in the work environment, and finally technology and how it has improved.

When it comes to communication, Johns Hopkins Hospital offers different types of communicating methods; they all range from emails to voice mails depending on what type of information is being communicated; newsletter; departmental or group meetings; voice mail is another avenue of communication used in our organization to pass along information and the last type of communication would be our intranet site for our employees and our Internet site, (, for our patients or customers.

Both the intranet and internet web sites contain important and reliable information to either assist our employees with information on Human Resource issues, rules and regulations, new updates in the hospital and other types of information.

The patients and customers website, Internet, address the services that we offer, information on obtaining an appointment in our facility and other information about Johns Hopkins Hospital.

When it comes to the meetings, each departmental meeting is held on a monthly basses whereby all the directors or supervisors communicate to the employees on what is going on in the hospital or in the department, what the new changes are or what went well or vice versa, the department goals and the different opportunities that exist and open to us.

There are different ways that Johns Hopkins Hospital handles conflict; one way we handle conflict is by going through our chain of command. This process is designed...