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Workplace Observation Paper Every organization has their unique organizational culture and behavior. Even though they are all different in their own way, most organizations perform well. Humans are a perfect example. Everybody looks different but yet is still so much alike. The communication flows differently in every situation. The Diversity issues are usually the same in maintenance shops along with the dress and language.

How Communication Flows The communication in my organization in my opinion flows very well. I believe there is strong communication between all the employees within my organization. However, there is a breaking point between the higher ranked soldiers and the lower ranked soldiers. Sometimes I find it difficult to communicate with some of the higher ranked soldiers because they think they are better than me. Part of the time they do not really want to hear what I am talking about. Most of the communications from the Army National Guard Bureau goes through the higher ranking soldiers which are either delivered by word of mouth or by email.

I believe email is highly overused; however I understand that it is the best way to get into touch with people in present day times. I also feel that email is the best way to communicate because you have a record showing it was communicated.

Dress and LanguageThe dress and language within my organization is a typical military setting. Even though we are considered civilians at my job we have to wear our Basic Dress Uniform (BDU) because we are a military institution and that is the uniform the National Guard Bureau provides for us to wear. Even though there are different levels of hierarchy in the maintenance shop we all wear the same thing to keep us on the same level.

The language within my organization is...