Workplace Violence: Deadley Dismissal

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Deadly Dismissal

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Deadly Dismissal

Introduction: Violence in the work place, although not as common as some of us are lead to believe, is still an extremely important topic. Just one incident can be devastating to an organization, resulting in a damaged reputation and or loss of revenue due to lawsuits. Along with this there is the immeasurable cost of when someone loses their life due to this type of violence. I will be answering three critical thinking questions regarding an article about workplace violence entitled "Deadly Dismissal".

Question #1. Evaluate the U.S. Postal Service's use of background checks as a tool to reduce violence among its employees. Do you think Deming would agree with this approach? Why or why not?

The majority of companies today now conduct background checks on potential employees before they are officially offered an employment position.

This practice has increased even more since the events that occurred on 11 September 2001. The ever growing public availability of personal information has made this practice an easier and timely process.

A report from the Society for Human Resource Management shows that 80 percent of companies said they run a criminal check on applicants before hiring. (Bonne, 2004, p. 1)

The Thing that is unusual regarding the U.S. Postal Service's plan to use these background checks are that it will be performed on existing employees. Many of these employees are long term employees. They are also protected by union rules and management must be careful on how they plan to act on the background checks. If a background check revealed that a 25 year employee was accused of assault or domestic violence on several occasions, I could see how...