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Physician Assisted Suicide: Is it good or bad? There are many people in this world that approve of the use of physicians to help one achieve death, and on the other hand there are many people that disapprove of this sort of thing. The main pros to this subject are not having to suffer more than one needs to and the right to die if they wish to. The cons to this very debated issue are that it could get out of hand or that there might be cures for the problem that are discovered while they are still living, and the pain that the family members and friends of the sick person have to deal with when that person is gone.

Some argue that, the idea of someone suffering horribly and not being able to do anything about it, is just not right. They say that people should not have to deal with pain of an illness if they do not want to and there is no cure for it.

They argue that idea that a person has the right to choose to die if they so wish to do so. If a person is on their death bed and they are suffering and are only alive because all of the machines that give life support, they should be able to decide if they want to keep trying or to end it right there.

There is a big influence from the idea of quality of life versus quantity of life. This means that a person might have hit that point where the quality of their life will never achieve higher standing. They will just be living and not be happy or anything. Many people think that it is better to live a short happy life than a long unbearable life that's full of pain and suffering.

The people on the other side of this issue are continually arguing that if this issue were to become legal, then if will definitely get out of hand. People who are not terminally ill will start to think that physician assisted suicide is a way out for them. People with minor physical and mental illnesses will resort to these measures if they are they type to give up on life so easily and without hesitation.

Another con to this issue is the fact that people are unwilling to try new procedures to better themselves. People might think that nothing will work and then they kill themselves and then after they are dead, new procedures come through that might be able to help them or keep them more healthy than they were.

The suffering of all the deceased person's family members and friends would accumulate to be more pain that the person with the illness was ever suffering. People who have had to go through the death of a member from their family might become sick themselves. Sick, meaning that they might think about suicide to deal with their pain, like the other person did, and think that it was okay to do it.

The final and biggest argument for this issue is that it is not an ethical procedure. A doctor is only a doctor. He should not be allowed to play God. People say this if a doctor holds life and death in his hands, he is trying to be God. There is only one God in the universe so the doctors should not be allowed to go through with procedures of this magnitude.

There is obviously many arguments to whether the subject of physician assisted suicide is good or bad, and whether or not it should be legal in the United States of America. Each side of this issue have good arguments and it is hard to decide which side of it that one should take. For me, I would have to be put in the situation whether I am the terminally ill or one of my family members is, to thoroughly decide how I stand on this issue. Without any experience this, I sort of lean more toward being able to have the right to choose than not.