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Dear Ms. Conant,

How did I become an expert of playing fantasy basketball on ESPN. I've been playing fantasy basketball for 3 years. That game is pretty addicting I'm not going to lie. So I've been the top 2 teams in last 2 years out of 16 teams each year. Last season I came in first place, and won $25. The first year I didn't do so well I came in 10th place. So I'm going to explain how did I learn from the first year and become a better coach for my team.

My experience from the first year of playing fantasy basketball is fantastic. The players that you drafted are the points maker. You only can score under these four rules, blocks, steals, rebounds, and make your baskets, a two pointer or a 3 pointer. However you will lose points by not making the baskets and each turn overs.

Seems really easy to play, but it's the totally opposites. One reason is if the player took 10 shots and made 2 baskets that's like its brining your team down. So first year I didn't know to manage my players. I didn't know who I should start in my lineups, and my backup players. Who should I drop and pick up from the free agency markets.

Now we are talking about how to be a good draft player. The first year I just drafted the player I think is good, and good at shooting. That was a terrible idea. If you want to be a good draft picker you have to do some research. For example, like me when I always list out all my players that I wanted to draft, and always planned on if your player gets drafted by other drafters. After all the planning is done,