Who works in the shop? Job title and description of staff members in a average shop.

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There are various workers in the shop which are needed; here below is a list of all the workers which a shop like "Keep on Reading" should have.

Stock managers- There is one of this worker who handles all the stocks, what goes in, and what goes out, he also calls the suppliers if need of more stock. Is helped by the database and spreadsheet maintainer and also the stock workers

* Stock worker- they stock all the books on the shelf and help the stock manager with his work

Till worker- there are 2 of these of workers at one till, 1 is mainly in charge whilst the other walks around in case of other assistance by other workers.

Manager- Is in charge of the business, takes care of all the salary, and lets the Accountant deal with the payment. Has regular check ups on the company, i.e. stocks, sales, and is assisted by the Team manager/s

Engineer- Maintains all the security, and all the computer systems, also has regular check up on the alarms and air conditioning system to check every thing is functions properly.

Caretakers- Makes sure the shop is clean and not dirty, cleans the shop and offices at the beginning of the day and at the end of each day.

Publishers-Web Designer- designs the shop website to advertise the shop to get more customers and sales.

* Publishing team- Create the rest of the advertising material i.e. logo, posters, business cards info. Leaflets etc. help web designer if needed- two publishers or as many needed to complete the work.

Database and spreadsheet maintainer- These two workers work with the manager and stock manager to help sort out the database, they look after all the data bases and spreadsheets, they maintain and update...