The World Is A Beautiful Place

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The World is a Beautiful Place

It was the first house party I attended with my friend and it was held in a loft. Most of them are quite wild, from what I had heard. I tried to picture it in my head; the lights dimmed low, the beat of the music pulsating throughout your body, everyone grasping onto red solo cups filled with liquor, drunk teenagers releasing their sexual desires with one another, and a bitter smell of marijuana in the atmosphere.

My friend and I sat in her car while we waited for her dad to drive us to the party. The coolness of the leather seats sent a shiver down my spine. I looked outside; it had gotten dark pretty quickly. I saw her dad walking down the slippery steps leading to the car. We finally went on our way. I was already edgy and I felt my heart pounding rapidly in my chest.

I looked out the car window for the whole ride. I tried not to think of the things that could occur at the party; was I going to get drunk or high? Was someone going to touch me? I hoped not… More thoughts raced through my mind as we pulled up in front of the building.

The sidewalks were covered in ice. I jumped out of the grey Honda and onto the icy pavement. I almost wiped out in front of a crowd of good-looking, seventeen-year old guys, but I caught my balance… Phew. My friend got out of the car, too. As we starting walking towards the door of the building together, one of the attractive guys began to sway his behind on us. We hadn't even gotten into the party yet and something already happened.

When we walked into the building,