World business and economy: free trade, world trade and global economy.

Essay by phiona October 2005

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Within the topic 'business and economy' there are many interesting things to learn. We could look at businesses world wide today or business ethics. We could take sales methods to pieces or take a good look at Norway's state budget. But I have decided to take a closer look at three terms: free trade, world trade and global economy. The reason why I chose to look at these terms in particular is because I don't know anything about what is actually happening in the world when it comes to free trade, world trade, or what global economy involves. I assume that free trade is trade without restrictions or describes who trades what with whom in the world. I assume world trade describes how trade is carried out in the world today and that there are organizations that control world trade.

I assume that global economy describes the big picture of all the country's economies and how all countries economically all hang together.

If we have free trade in the world today, would the world function better? Are there organizations making the patent laws for world trade? If there is do they make these restrictions in the light of the morally right reasons for having patent laws? And what is going on in the global economy today? And is there a need for a change, or is everything working out well for everybody?

Free trade:

What is free trade and what is or would the result of that be?

Free trade means that everybody can buy and sell what they want, where they want, and from or to whom they want. A Trade-anarchy. World trade is the trade...