World centered, Reader centered and a Discourse analysis on the book 'Raw'

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Reader CenteredThe novel 'raw' was not only a good read, but it also touched on topics that can show relevance to the youth of today. It showed that even in the depths of darkness, there can be a ray of light that can help guide us, whether it is love, friendship or determination. The book shines light on how crime does not pay up for youth, and convinces teenagers to steer clear of heading down any illegal paths in life. I believe the characters in the novel have some kind of resemblance to every kind of person alive, and that's why it attracts teenagers to read it. I believe everyone has been in a moment that is similar to Brett's time on the farm, where they feel helpless, or putting on a brave face when they are truly breaking up inside. It seems like the author values discipline because Brett rarely gets away with anything because the other characters, such as Sam, keep him on a short leash.

Most teenagers can relate to the character Frog. Everyone at some stage in their lives has felt like they are helpless and needing someone to intervene and assist them, just like frog when he was being pressured to buy drugs from the drug dealer at the rodeo. Feeling like the helpless person is nothing to be ashamed of, and the author obviously believes the same thing in the way that the other characters acted towards Frog after he was saved by Brett.

Discourse analysisThe novel 'raw' has many categories and groups that the characters and each be allocated into. Each member of the discourse has their own status and power.

Brett, Frog and Josh can easily be allocated into the "Outcast" discourse. They all fit in this discourse is because none...