Is the world changing for the better?

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Has the world changed for the better?

This year marked the 100th anniversary of the First World War, a war that had devastating effects, some of which led to World War 2. While I agree that the world was a dangerous place to live back then, because of the horrors of war, I believe that the world we live in today is no safe haven either.

Every great invention has some adverse effects. The information age has innumerable benefits, but its fair share of disadvantages. Today, people are becoming increasingly alienated from their surroundings and companions due to their heavy reliance on gadgets. The value of human relationships has decreased exponentially. Today's children will never experience the joy of flying kites and receiving mail, unless they play video games about the 1980s. I read about five year olds who choose not to interact with their grandparents because they find them too "backward" and clueless about technology.

Some may say that the world has become a far safer place for women and children, but I beg to differ. In the 1960s and 70s, women could roam freely in Iran and middle eastern countries without being castigated or even physically abused for not wearing a Burqa. In several African countries, human and child trafficking is far worse than ever before. Because of the Internet, women and children are being cyber stalked and bullied anonymously. Women's rights may be advancing in developed countries, but in third world nations, they're worse now than they ever were. The moral police in Saudi Arabia and India is making women's' lives impossible and unsafe.

Ethnic and religious minorities are still being targeted and discriminated against. Yazidis in Iraq are at the risk of being wiped out, Arabs in the UK are being assaulted, and Indians...