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The Dream Of A Lifetime As I finish up my Law Enforcement class, I notice that I am starting to feel a little fatigued. I still World civilization to attend but I'm really struggling to make it. I find my way to my seat and realize that I am not going to be able to set through one hour of lecture on World Civilization. I know that I have to stay awake at least for the fist ten minutes of class to see if we are going to get one of many quiz's we take throughout the semester. Once the professor arrives to class and starts taking role visually I lean back, pull my hat down over my eyes so he cannot see they are closed and start to fall into a deep sleep. During this one hour catnap I started to enter many different times and places throughout history.

I really don't know where I am at but I do know that it is not Bluefield Va. I notice everyone is really in shock from something, as if there was a tragedy. From what I can tell I am in Early Rome about 96AD. Soon I found out that assassins had killed their former emperor, Domitian. Everyone is really worried and looking for someone they could call on for answers. The assassins then called on Marcus Cocceius Nerva to rule. They chose Nerva because he promised to treat the senate equally, fairly, and never kill a member. This was really similar to the system we use today in our government. He was a very conservative man who was planning on doing several different things to better Rome. First, he wanted to better relationships with the senate. He wanted the majority of the money spent in Rome to go...