World Domestication.

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To domesticate is to train or adapt to live i na human environment and to be of use to human beings. How is it then, that humans themselves became dometicated? How did mankind become of use to itself, and become adapted to the environment? Certainly nomadic people had the ability to easily adapt if their lifestyle depended on being able to constantly move from place to place. This alone did not make them domesticated though. Before man could be of use to himself, he had to learn what it was that was usefful. New uses for land and animals were the answer. During his quest for knowledge and a means of survival, mad discovered the many uses of land and animals, thus domesticating them and finally discovering the long and arduous road to domesticating himself.

The domestication of land led to the rise of agriculture. People began farming and breeding animals instead of gathering plants and hunting for a living.

Thanks to this new way of life, the number of nomadic groups eventually went down. When they found what looked to be suitable land, clans built actual settlements such as Jericho and Jarmo, instead of temporary camps. A number of early setlements may have been completely destroyed without leaving remains, or even abandoned since early man most likely did not know what type of topography he should look for in a home. While a pieve of land near water is an obvious requirement for people who plan on starting an agricultural community, other important factors such as fertile soil, existing biotic factors, and general climate may have been overlooked due to inexperience on the part of the early farmers. As more settlements became fruitful, certain standards for land quality and location were established, and more nomads were able to...