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"Work can not get much worse for me than when my co-workers are all day around bothering me. Most difficult colleagues are oblivoius to their nightmare behavior. In my job, I have found a variety of personalities that sometime drive me crazy. I think that this diversity is because people fill different social roles in an office environment. I have accepted the fact of diversity as a general rule. Just like in any school or neighborhood, people play different social roles. However, I have created six categories to classify my actual co-workers. They fall into the gossip, the single-minded, the loud one, the know it all, the intentionally disruptive, and the you're coming with me.

The Gossip. This coworker can't keep her ears out of anyone else's business, whether it is work related or personal. There is nothing she can do to break the habit until she will learn the hard way.

The best solution that I have found to avoid any conflict with this co-worker is to keep my thoughts and secrets to myself around her and let the eventual conflict occur between her and another coworker who regrets telling something to her. Typically, the gossip feels a need to be accepted by everyone and thinks that revealing other peoples' information will please everyone else. Perhaps, she feels insecurity in her work and she expresses the insecurity in this manner. Sometimes, I have found my office's gossip listening through the door when two people are talking. I treated the gossip as a good acquaintance, always listening to what she says, but never repeating it. I have revealed some personal information that I don't mind she repeating to let her know that I accept her. This have avoided me conflicts at work between myself and the gossip.

The Single-Minded.