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The World Press Photo exhibition is an annual international contest on press photography and travels to over 70 places around the world. During October 6th through 25th, the World Press Photo exhibition visited Toronto for the second consecutive year. This particular exhibit was located at Allen Lambert Galleria at BCE Place on 181 Bay Street. The exhibit showcases 190 dramatic images that show the best in press photography in the past year by photojournalists from around the globe. It can also be seen as a historical document containing the world's main events of 2002. The coveted World Press Photo of the Year 2002 went to a black and white image of a boy mourning his father's death from an Iranian earthquake, taken by Armenian photographer Eric Grigorian. This photograph can be seen on the ad of this year's exhibition. The winning photographs were selected in nine different categories (Spot News, General News, People in the News, Portraits, Sports, The Arts, Daily Life, Science and Technology, Nature and the Environment) by the World Press Photo Foundation from record 53,597 entries submitted by 3,913 photographers across 118 countries.

The artworks were presented on white panels located in the center of the Allen Lambert Galleria. There are yellowish, square lights fixed into the floor of the exhibit and they lit up the white panels which were directly on top of these lights. The architecture of this area is very impressive. The first thing I noticed when I entered was the incredible skylight held up by beautiful arch shaped supports. The natural light made the exhibit very comforting. Naturally, I walked towards where the photographs were being displayed. An important thing I which caught my attention in this exhibit was that the prints where not originals. They were digitally enlarged and printed on the...