World Religions

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Religion is an important part of everyday life for many societies. Religion is what gives the soul a purpose. Religions reflect different ideas, each significant to an important aspect of life. Each religion has its own unique way of viewing the cycle of life.

The idea of rebirth is reflected in the nature of Hinduism, whereas the soul does not die with the body but enters the body of another being and lives again and again. This belief relates to the concept of Maya. Maya is one of main concepts in Hinduism. According to Hinduism, life, death, and the world known to our senses are all illusion called Maya. Life and death are of least importance because it is the spirit that matters, and the spirit exists for eternity. If the body dies, the soul leaves it and enters a new one. What is real and everlasting is not body but a self within themselves.

Therefore, Hinduism teaches people to turn their attention inward and discover the inner self.

Along with the idea that life and death are all illusion comes the belief that one should grieve neither for the living nor for the dead. Death is certain for the one who is born, and all living things are meant to die in order to make a room for other living things. The process of birth and death are inevitable, so one should not lament over the death. Krishna tries to teach Arjuna the superficiality and transience of life and how little life or death matters to the spirit. Because the world is illusory, it betrays people, giving them sorrow and pain, but we should not grieve, acknowledging that the life is an illusion. This belief is beneficial to the people because it is a positive way of looking...