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Buddhism is a religion that I had never explored prior. Through my interview, I have found that Buddhism is an interesting religion. Buddhism was founded by Siddartha Gautama, and eventually, he became the Buddha. His intentions were not to form a new religion, only to modify an older one. Brahmanism, or Hinduism, had become very orthodox and Siddartha was a minor king of Northern India. One day, he ventured outside the palace walls and saw how life really was. Inspired, Siddartha left his home and family to look for the meaning of life. For years, he listened to and studied with the Indian wise men; then he turned to meditation. Discouraged from not finding the answer he wanted, he sat under a fig tree. Siddartha determined that he sat there until he found the answer, this lasted 49 days. It finally came to him, and he became Buddha. Buddhism was founded.

Buddhism is a reformed version of Hinduism, which includes the Four Noble Truths. The Four Noble Truths are the foundation for all forms of Buddhist philosophy:1. There is suffering.

2. Suffering is caused.

3. Eliminating the causes of suffering can extinguish suffering.

4.The way to extinguish the causes of suffering is to follow the Middle Way stated in the Eightfold Path (Fisher, 2005).

The Eightfold Path also comes from Buddha. It teaches to practice moderation. It is the practical side of Buddhism. If followed, one may achieve true enlightenment, or nirvana. Buddha believed that you could live a perfect life and not have to continue in the samsara. The basic way to this is the Eightfold Path, which says to practice moderation in these areas:1. Right views. You must have the right mindset.

2. Right intent (or right resolution) a person must want actively to...