World's Transform

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World's Transform

Columbus opened a new world and after his discovery, many believed that the world would never be the same. Columbus shipped out from Portugal to fine a relatively closer and an adequate access to trade with Asia across the sea thinking that at the very verge of Atlantic ocean, the continent of Asia would emerge. Thus, the number of three ships sailed across the ocean and within two months, the food came short. They were stunned by this lack of supplies, however, even in this midst, they never retuned back, but kept their sailing toward their destination. On the following day, October the 11th , the ships landed to the shore of a land. There, they found a group of Indians, ironically in spite of strangers, graciously welcoming Columbus and his companions. Subsequently, the exchange compromise was made between the Indians and the Columbus, which was the exchange of the old world and the new world.

Unfortunately, by the diseases that the Europeans brought roughly infected numerous people and they died.

The discovery of America was the most important event. In 1493, set a dividing line along the Atlantic Ocean to separate each dominion of Portugal and Spain. When the Europeans came to America, they insisted on three G's, which delineates glory, gold, and God; glory for power, gold for wealth, and God for spreading the gospel in the new nation.

The Europeans and Indians had a good mutual relationship until the Spaniards angered Indians by sudden intense conquest to the cities and destroyed them. They conducted the battle by striking and beheading Indians regardless of their sex or age. Because the Europeans consisted with highly technology weapons, they were able to win the battle easily. Their advantages were that they fought with guns, horses and with...