The world is so complex, no one can possibly understand it. Agree or disagree

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The world is so complex, no one can possibly understand it. Agree or disagree?

I think many people agree with me that the world is not simple. Personally, the world actually very simple but the fact that man has made it complicated. In addition, more and more people try to do everything possible to understand it, they make it more complicated. People with the continuous development of technology are making increasingly complex world.

Nowadays, the world population is about 7 billion people and predicts that this figure will continue to grow rapidly in the next several years. While overpopulation, society must focus to human development, this leads to many negative consequences, including making the world more complicated. As a child, people have thought very simple but when they get older, they think all the more complicated. Likewise, for the poor, everything is simple but for the rich, everything is more complicated.

In fact, this world is simply but the human heart is complicated. Ultimately, the human heart is simply, because there are so dominant benefit humans become more complex. For example, the political situation in many countries is now very unstable. There are many protests for multi-party government occurs in Thailand, many terrorist attacks or suicide bombings in the Middle East. Moreover, stress on the nuclear issue between the U.S. and North Korea is interested.

Furthermore, each person has a different preference. Therefore, today's developing technology to serve the purpose of each one. I hear many people say that they want a simpler life, but they make it simple as well as understand it, they make it more complicated. Many people believe that technology will help make things simpler so they constantly evolving technology. However, there is a truth they do not know that they are driven and controlled...