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Essay by boronicles May 2006

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The World Trade Organization: Wealth versus Environment and Justice?

Reading "A Clash of Civilizations" and a "New World Order", by Samuel Huntington, I began to realize how much culture, even today, separates decisions that other countries make to become a more developed society. Many people are still happy living without things that we call necessities in other countries. Money isn't an object to them. The family and providing for them is. Without money as a main focus, they are able to go about their day with out focusing on becoming more industrialized in the future. I believe that we should leave other countries, and stop trying to interfere with their culture by a means of effective their living conditions and how they know life to be.

The WTO seems more money hungry than even the most money hungry business out there. Considering the rainforests that I just read about, the WTO is out to corrupt the world and brainwash less developed countries.

WTO provides a way for nations to develop that shouldn't necessarily develop. If they are promoting global trade and economic growth, other countries must feel pressured to gain industry and produce goods. Rainforests, for example, need to be preserved. Every part of the world does not need to develop structurally. The WTO who supposedly operates on a consensus basis, with equal decision-making power for all, fails to meet those standards. In reality, many important decisions get made in a process whereby poor countries' negotiators are not even invited to closed door meetings--and then agreements are announced that poor countries do not even have enough trade personnel to participate in all the negotiations or to even have a permanent representative of the WTO. We are manipulating other countries that are too poor to stand...