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On September 11th terrorists hijacked four planes for a cause they believed in. They flew two planes into the World Trade Center (WTC), one into the newly renovated part of the Pentagon, and one crashed in Pennsylvania. That one crashed in Pennsylvania because the passengers of the plane tried to overthrow the hijackers. There was a battle between the passengers and the hijackers and eventually the plane crashed in Pennsylvania. At 8:46 and 9:02 a plane had hit the WTC two towers. One tower stood for 56 minutes and the other for 102 minutes. It took only 12 seconds for them to fall. There were 2,819 people who died in the attacks. 343 of them were firefighters and paramedics. 23 of them were NYPD police officers. There were 37 Port Authority police officers killed. 60 World Trade Center companies lost employees. 1,402 employees died in tower two. 614 employees died in tower one.

The ratio of men to women who died is 3:1.

The fall of the World Trade Center is the climax of this generation. It brought an end to the feeling of safety and freedom, and it placed America in a state of confusion and frustration. Before the attack on the World Trade Center, an assault of this magnitude was unimaginable. "I couldn't believe it. All of those people died, just because of the hatred felt by one group," said one bystander. (This bystander was interviewed in front of the World Trade Center after the fall.) It had been several years since any foreign terrorist had mounted an offense of this scale directly on America. Prior to the attack, most American's shared a feeling of safety; many believed that an attack, such as this, could never be possible. Society portrayed a feeling of invulnerability, and because...