World War 1

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Wealth, power, and prestige was the world previous to 1914. Death, destruction, and instability was the world during 1914 and 1918. Between the years of 1914 and 1918 World War I broke out. World War I was not what the people of the world imagined it to be. Many young, brave men volunteered, with desire, not knowing what they were really getting into. The events that took place on and off the battle field could not be described by pictures. Europe had a law that banned pictures showing dead people, which left people to believe war wasn't that horrible. Those people who were there, were able to describe through poetry how bad the situations really were. In The Human Record there is a collections of pictures and poetry that try and portray the war as it was and wasn't.

The first four illustrations convey a sense of happiness and honor.

When you look at the illustrations as a whole you are left with a feeling that war is a good thing and nothing to be concerned with. The pictures are all fake in a sense because they don't show what is really going on at war. The horror, death, and scarceness of many men are hidden behind the smiles and the slogans on the pictures. The first picture, The Departure, illustrates a scene of happiness. The women are smiling handing out flowers and some type of beverage. The men are also smiling and are dressed very nicely. The picture conveys a image of men to going to an important social event not war. When you look at this you want to go off to war, it doesn't seem that bad, actually looks like a good time. The second picture, Advertisement card from Golden Dawn Cigarettes, uses the war to their...