World War 1 and the Rominov Downfall

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To what extent was Russia's involvement in WW1 a key factor in bringing down the Romanov dynasty

World War 1 was a major component in the downfall of the Romanov Dynasty. The war highlighted to the already unhappy people of Russia the flaws in the tsarist regime , Throughout the war the discontent of the Russian people rose through a series of problems to do with the Economy, Military and Politics. Had Nicholas avoided the war, these fatal flaws may have gone unnoticed and may have in fact avoided a revolution.

World war one played a key role in the tsars downfall as it crippled the Russian economy. The country mobilised 5.3 million men (9% of the population) in 1914, and, by Christmas 1916, 15.3 million men had experienced military service. The cost of fighting the war and of maintaining such a large armed force put great strains on the economy; the National Budget, for example, rose eightfold between 1913 and 1916, financed out of higher taxes, loans and borrowing from Britain and France.

In order to pay for the war, the government printed more money, leading to inflation, with prices rising over 200% between August 1914 and Christmas 1916. This meant that the people of Russia could not afford essential goods because the increase in their wages could not keep up with the increase in prices. Therefore, the state of the economy and its effect on the people of Russia, like the food shortages and the rationing, also drove people to take part in the strikes and demonstrations in Petrograd calling for an end to the tsarist regime. Because the economic pressures of war triggered such a response shows how the war was a key factor in Tsar Nicholas downfall

The First World War was responsible for the...