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Its been a long time here on the western front people die every day my friends included, nicks in the hospital with an amputated leg me and Jerrod came so close to death today German soldiers nearly blew both are heads. My friend Alan is missing General Beal suspects he is now a P.O.W it makes me so angry that we have to be in this war we don't even belong here we try so hard and loose our friends and we do it all for nothing. The smell of death rolled in with the wind this morning distant death, old death barley noticeable. This war has gone on to long, I almost believe now that if there is a God he is now dead. I have killed hundreds and yet I am not dead, why do I live and others die? For every German I kill a piece of my heart is cut, if I live another day I'll do the same.

Then again some days I feel invulnerable to the enemy like I could take on the world, I just get this feeling of euphoria. This war is a sickness it tries's to take the best of you. Its really strange somedays you live to kill and fight, most days you fight to live, every time I see a friend or comrade killed I'm one step closer to taking the easy way out, I'm so sick of the tension. What is it with human beings? What makes their hunger for blood so insatiable? I guess its in human nature to kill. Time goes so slowly out here on the battlefield, minutes feel like hours, days feel like weeks. I have changed I don't even know if you would recognize me anymore, I lost all my trust in people. The human race has pushed too far and seems to keep pushing. Mom I pray to whatever my be in heaven that I will see you again.

Love ______