WOrld War 1 Overview

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Kaiser Wilhelm II- Ruler of Germany who wanted all the power Czar Nicholas II- Russian ruler who declared war on Germany Woodrow Wilson- the U.S. president and a member of the Big 4 Arthur Zimmerman- Germany's foreign minister who sent the telegram to Mexico Vladimir Ilyich Lenin- Communist leader who seized power and signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk Georges Clemenceau-Premier of France; a physician, journalist and member of Big 4 David Llyod George-Britain's representative to the Big 4 Vittorio Orlando- Italy's representative to the Big 4 Alfred Graf von Schlieffen- Germany's General who thought of the Schlieffen Plan.

T.E. Lawrence- British soldier "Lawrence of Arabia" who led guerrilla raids against the Turks Black Hand- Group of men who opposed the Austrian rule in Bosnia Dardanelles-a narrow sea strait that was the gateway to the Ottoman capital, Constantinople Lusitania- British passenger ship that was sunk by the Germans that was carrying 128 U.S.

citizens Archduke Franz Ferdinand- A-H king who was assassinated by Black Hand in Serbia Gavrilo Princip- Member of Black Hand who assassinated Franz at point blank range Franz Joseph- Austrian Emperor at the outbreak of the war Otto von Bismark- Prussian emperor + creator of weak alliance systems that were destroyed by Kaiser Wilhelm II Ferdinand Foch- a French Marshal who commanded the Allied forces w/ U.S.

Terms Militarism- the process of glorifying the military power of a country and to keep the army prepared for war.

Triple Alliance- the alliance between Germany, Austro-Hungry, and Italy Triple Entente- the alliance between France, Britain, Russia and late U.S.

Schlieffen Plan- Germany's plan to attack France (in West), and Russia (in East).

Central Powers- Germany and Austro-Hungry Allies- Britain, France and Russia Western Front- a bloody stalemate on the French Battle Field Trench Warfare- miles of...