World War 1 Sources Revolving Around Australia

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World War 1 Assessment Lilli Chandler 19/8/2013

Source One - Recruitment

The recruitment rate in Australia at the outbreak of World War I (1914) was initially very high. However soon after the war began, news began to filter back to Australia about the terrible conditions which soldiers were forced to endure on the battlefields. Casualty numbers also began to rise steeply. As a result, the AIF enlistment rate in Australia began to decline. This primary source was released on 24 June 1916. It was one of numerous posters to be displayed pressurising civilian men to join in the war effort. This recruitment poster is targeted towards an audience of men of fighting age, particularly those with a wife and children. Its aim is to make men think about the potential threat of war to the safety and security of their families. The slogan '45000 Australian Fathers are fighting ' reinforces the idea that women and children rely on their men for protection.

There is also the implication that it would be shameful for fathers to ignore this message and promotes a sense of guilt in the viewer. It is also an appeal to women with children to encourage their husbands to make the future safe by fighting for their families. The use of a mother and daughter gives a personal touch to the image. The motive behind this poster is to increase army personnel numbers during a wartime period by utilising an intensified military recruitment drive. The ultimate aim is to pressurise men of fighting age to enlist in the Australian Imperial Force and actively participate in the war.

Source Two - The Gallipoli Campaign (1915)