World War I.

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The beginning of the 1900's was Canada's time to show the power it possessed. This was first shown by the rapid grow of its economy. Yet what the world did not know was how much more important Canada would be in a conflict much more important than the wealth of any nation. At the start of the Great War Canada was ready for action and enthusiastic about joining in on a "four month war" that would end by Christmas time. This would be a time for individuals to rise above the rest and have an adventure. Accept this was not the case, this was like no other war the world had ever seen, and Canada would have to rise to the occasion to help the Entente win the war. By supplying the materials and weapons used in war, contributing to the winning of many important battles and by raising huge amounts of money to go towards the war, Canada showed how important it was in the war effort and was then looked upon as an international power.

Before a country can be ready for war, a country needs the materials to do so. With a small population, compared to most countries in the world Canada was able to make up for it by providing the Triple Entente with huge amounts of materials used in every aspect of warfare. Huge amounts of Canadian munitions were being used in the war overseas, Britain invested huge amounts of money in buying Canadian made munitions. In only two years Canada had gone from having only one munitions factory in the whole country situated in Quebec, to supplying Britain with millions of dollars of ammunition and shells from the 250,000 workers in the newly formed factories. "Britain was desperate for munitions and was willing to...