World War II

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World War II (Based on the anecdotes of Arjun's grandmother) I was about fifteen years old when the World War II broke out. It was a long time back. The war started in 1939 and ended in 1945. It started when Germany, led by Adolf Hitler "" the military dictator, started invading its neighboring countries. Poland was the first country to be affected. It seemed the Germans were preparing for war for many years. Hitler thought he was destined to rule the world. He was a very fanatic person. He trained and built a large army of ruthless soldiers called the Nazis. They were hypnotized by Hitler, they believed their life's mission was to conquer all the countries and establish Nazi rule. They did not care for their lives. They were ready to die for their fatherland (Hitler gave the name "˜fatherland' to Germany). They planned carefully and occupied countries like Poland, Romania and more.

In those days warfare was not as modern and technically advanced as of now. Troops had to be literally moved to area advantageous to the invader. When France was threatened, France (led by Charles De Gaulle), Britain (led by Winston Churchill), Russia (led by Joseph Stalin) and the United States (led by Franklin Roosevelt) joined together to fight the forces of Hitler. Later on Italy (led by Mussolini) joined Germany. The forces led by United States were called the "˜allies' and those led by Hitler were called "˜axis'. The wars spread like a wild fire and more and more able-bodied people were enlisted into the army. So all economic, cultural and trade activities came to a stand still. The war and its outcome were on everybody's mind and people became anxious, distraught and miserable. There was shortage of food and gas and essential commodities. Everything...