World War II and Depression

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Social Work is working for people who need financial, social, and health care and are unable to provide themselves with these things. Social work is a much individualized profession, adept by people who get to it their different styles and considerate of the chore. Childcare social workers are anticipated to perform constitutional duties under family-related legislation as well as public policy. Although social workers are not robot, what they really do, allowing that they are forced by a legislative structure is prejudiced by their own thoughts, values, understandings and theoretical point of view.

In other words, Social workers are the experts who penetrate a society trained to see it whole, and, in that capability, touch on individual lives in a unique approach. They find out how to evaluate, plan and execute carry out intrusions. They are committed to helping people work at the finest level they can within their setting whether through providing direct services or working for transform to perk up social conditions.

Social workers are prepared for the unusual to take the information as well as possessions accessible to them and act consequently. The early decades of the 20th Century marked the transition of the United States from a rural-based society to one centered on cities. Much of the move to the cities occurred at the end of the previous century with the shift from an agricultural to a manufacturing economy. Manufacturers and industry needed to be close to transportation and that meant moving to the ports and railroad hubs originating in the newly formed urban areas. From 1860 to 1900, the number of urban areas increased fivefold. In 1860 there were only nine American cries with more than 100,000 inhabitants; by 1900 there were 38. (Ahern 1997)

The population continued to move closer to jobs in...