World War II and Germany - Why Would Hitler Target the Jewish?

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When Adolf Hitler was the ruler (or Führer) of Germany, it is globally known that he and the Nazi party were responsible for the death of at least six million Jewish people as part of the 'Final Solution'. However, when it comes to why he did it, the number of people who are able to answer becomes nowhere near as great. This is most likely because there is not just one single reason. This essay will explore in detail several of these reasons and how Hitler's actions show them to be most likely true.

The theorised reasons to be raised in this essay will be Hitler's jealousy of successful Jews, his idea of a 'pure' race of Aryan Germans which did not include Jewish people, and the long life of anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic activity throughout Europe as well as the world.

The first point to be raised in this essay is the widely accepted explanation of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party's hatred of the Jewish people. This is simply jealousy. The largely believed stereotype around the time of World War Two was that Jewish people were successful businessmen, as at the time most banks and important businesses were controlled or owned by Jews, or so it seemed to most German citizens and Hitler himself. During the time of the Great Depression, Germany was being greatly affected by the economic slump because of the repercussions of the First World War. As many people believed the aforementioned Jewish stereotype, the Jews were envied in Germany, in addition to multiple other countries hit hard by the Depression, because of their believed wealth and success during what were difficult times for many others. In Germany in particular, where the Jewish population was high, any successful Jews were soon blamed for 'taking'...