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World War II for the United States started with the tragic event that happened on the island of Oahu; Hawaii. Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor and that had got America enraged so America reacted by declaring war on Japan, this would be the start of World War II for America. Soon after America had entered World War II, they joined the Allies team, fighting against the Germans, Italy and Japanese. Fighting on the Allies side included Britain, Soviet Union, United States and China. As time passed on for the war, there were many great battles in the Pacific, Europe, Asia, etc such as "The battle of Midway", "D-Day in Omaha Beach; Norway, France" and "The 442nd Regimental Combat Team." Many soldiers fought bravely and sacrificed their lives to protect and fight for their comrades. There were any battles that would soon led to turn the tide against the axis powers, these battles included "The Battle of Midway" and "D-Day in Omaha Beach; Norway, France."

One battle that changed the route in advancing into axis territories occurred in North Africa. An event that would led to overcome the Axis and turn the tide forever; pushing them back to where they have first started from, taking victory as the Allies advance towards the territories conquered by the Axis Powers.

The North African Campaign took place in North Africa from June 10, 1940 to May 16, 1943. This campaign was fought in many areas such as Libyan, Egyptian deserts(Western Desert Campaign known as the Desert War), Morocco, Algeria(Operation Torch) and Tunisia(Tunisia Campaign). The British had been trying to advance from this position for about 2 years now, the German was able to hold them off until America had came into World War II. Since the United States entered World War II in...