The world we lie in today is multicultural. What forces have driven to make the world the way it is today?

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What forces have driven our world to become multicultural?The world we live in today is multicultural; people come from different countries, from other backgrounds, speak different languages and look differently. All of this was due to migration, technology and conflicts that have driven the world to become multicultural.

One of the main forces that altered our world to become multicultural is migration. When the country has a huge number of immigrants, mostly all of them start to work as workers for a little payment. Women look after children, thus live in a family and blend in their own culture. Men on the other hand build roads and bridges that link the country together. They help the countries get through many problems. IN addition many countries nowadays are made with the help of immigrants who blend in with the common people, thus make the country multicultural. Since this happens everywhere migration forces the world to become multicultural.

The second of the main forces is technology, not only technology pulls the world together but it also forces it to become multicultural. Every day the technology gets better. Fifty years ago people would not even think about communicating through the internet finding new friends and chatting. All is this is available to millions of people form different places of the world. By getting to know someone who is different in all ways helps to learn the new culture, thus makes the world multicultural.

The third major force that makes the world multicultural is conflict. Cultures blended many times during wars and conflicts. When one of the countries was occupied by some other country they forced it to accept the language of the conqueror. The conquered people were forced to marry others and blend with them. They made the citizens of the particular territory...