The world we live ans how much it really is falling apart on a day to day basis.

Essay by Pacojaleb October 2005

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Fake Security

Pay Taxes

Vote or die.

donate to the latest charity or atleast the Salvation Army,

Buy car decals proclaiming 'God Bless America' or 'Support the Troops'

and get a 10% discount with a military ID

Hate those who are suppose to 'protect and serve'

but be thankful for where you live,

a place where freedom of speech has become an excuse for incompassion and inhumanity

where the healthcare in the countries we despise is better than ours

where public schools have been reduced to free daycare centers instead of learning centers

where immigrant minorities can get more funding for education than the minorities already here,

where gas prices steadily rise as the employment rate drops

but dont forget to thank GOD for separation of church and state, no religion in schools

while swearing on the Bible, 'So Help You God'

while gluttony takes over, 'In God We Trust'

underneath an invisible umberella of protection

that makes us believe that what we see on CNN could never happen to us,

that makes us refuse to watch the news cause its too 'sad and depressing',


'Most Civilized Place to Live'

'Give me democracy or give me death'

pay for social security that wont be around to make you socially secure

and watch our sanctuary of homeland security wash away in the Gulf

as civilized people turn into savages

while racism and sexism become acceptable in our 'Darwinistic' societies

and as your unemployment checks stop coming thank the companies for outsourcing to other countries

cause we are a people of equal opportunity and critcizing another would be Un-American

so instead, we make Spanish our second language, Ebonics acceptable

and give the 'dirty' jobs to those who can't speak either,

and question them at the first sign of...