The World Wide Web Assists Pornographers and Sexual tourism

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The World Wide Web (Internet) has opened the preverbal Pandora's Box for individuals that sexual exploit children and for individuals that have a curiosity to explore this deviant behavior. The information super highway comes with many rewards and pitfalls, one of those pitfalls is that individuals that sexual exploit children now have another medium in which to operate and thrive. "If it looks ideal, count on them being their in numbers: any setting in which they thrive will draw them" (Satter, 2003). Make no mistake individuals that sexually exploit children flourish on the Internet. What better environment for those involved in child pornography and child sexual tourism to operate. Individuals can operate with anonymity and from the relative safety of their home. Furthermore, the child sexual predator can manipulate more then one child at a time, they can spend as much time as they like grooming their extended target and if discovered by a parent or guardian they can disappear into their electronic world only to start again.

This medium is almost the perfect hunting ground for the sexual predator.

A survey conducted by the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire found that "one in five adolescents ages ten to seventeen who used the internet had received a sexual solicitation in the preceding year, and one in thirty had received an aggressive solicitation" (Taylor & Gollwizer, 1993).

With such a target rich environment are the number of pornographers and child sexual tourism increasing or are we just hearing about them more often. Bowker and Gary (2005) indicate that the cybersex offenders find the computer and the Internet compelling tools for deviant behavior they provid four general reasons; one provides anonymity, two can groom multiple victims at once, three digital equipment enhances the ability to store,