Worldview and True Fulfillment

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Applied Summary: A Christian Worldview and the Profession

The basis on which a person filters, prioritizes, and sorts a multitude of facts and makes sense out of life is called worldview. A person's worldview helps you decide whether you view a fact with joy or with sadness. Your worldview may even tell you to ignore some facts altogether and put emphasis on other facts. Ultimately, it is the foundation upon which you build the structure of your life. This view becomes for most the answer to the most basic question in human life. Who are we?

Businesses play a crucial role for better and for worse, in establishing and nourishing the moral foundations of society. Unfortunately in many regions of the global economy today, these foundations are being tested by a business culture that is financially centered upon shareholder interests. In our world today, we are witnessing a growing separation between the economic and ethical aspects of our lives.

What is needed is a strong ethical response; one that is informed by what's best in the human spirit. To come to terms with what ails society today we must come to terms with what it is to be human.

In human life, people chose a worldview to justify their morality. They are not forced to follow certain worldviews based on facts or observations. The assumptions you make in your life are how your worldview is developed. Society can dictate a person's worldview. Leadership and government can also play a significant role in worldview. People who are active in their worldview seek means to change rather than those who chose the worldview of others and accept things as they are. Some people may think of their worldview as their faith and apply it to everything they do or say.

The role...