The Worldwide Phenomenon

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The Worldwide Phenomenon

"Global warming is too serious for the world any longer to ignore its danger…"

-Tony Blair. The people who refuse to see the truth concerning global warming are foolish. Global warming has resulted in the loss of many species as well as their environments, climate and unusual weather changes, along with melting ice together with warming oceans on the planet. Considering the various negative phenomenon occurring around the world, it is evident that global warming is a factual matter that should be recognized, or else the Earth will be affected beyond repair.

The Earth's various ecosystems have been affected due to global warming. Many non-migratory animals have had to migrate due to a changing environment, including the quiver tree of southern Africa, the pinon mouse of California, various species of butterflies, the golden toad of Costa Rica (Bjerklie 1-2), and the red fox of North America (Colenso, part 10).

Relating to animal endangerment, twenty-six bird species are listed as threatened due to global warming by the World Conservation Union (Bjerklie 1). Also, because of loss of habitat, "two-thirds of the 110 species of colourful harlequin frogs in Central and South America" have disappeared (Bjerklie 2). Finally, the number of breeding pairs of Adélie penguins in Antarctica has fallen from 32 000 to 11 000 in thirty years (National Geographic 1). Concerning the effects on the environment, pine bark beetles have been a growing problem in northern Canada and Alaska because of the warmer winters; they can live longer, and with that, they have devastated pine forests throughout the area (Colenso part 10). Coral bleaching has occurred as well because of the higher temperatures of the oceans today (Colenso part 11). The endangerment and extinction of species and ecosystems is a key factor in showing how global warming...