A Worn Path

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MISS BRILL Characterization of Miss Brill: Miss Brill is a very proper woman, very self-controlled, she is a gentle person, one who would not harm a soul and she herself is very sensitive to hurt.

Summary of Miss Brill's characterizations: You can see Miss Brill is a proper woman, because Miss Brill does everything by herself, (such as: living, going to the park and etc"¦). Miss Brill is very self-controlled because she has no one to talk to, so therefore she does everything on her own.

You can tell Miss Brill is a gentle person because in the story, Miss Brill takes out her fur and starts talking to the fur as if the fur was alive. Miss Brill treated the fur as a gentle person by petting it and telling the fur how she is going to fix its nose.

Miss Brill is very easily sensitive to hurt. In the story a couple made fun of Miss Brill's fur, when Miss Brill hears this her world is shattered.

A WORN PATH Hardship Phoenix goes through on her journey: Phoenix goes through many troubles during her journey. Phoenix first troubles start when her dress gets caught in a thorn bush; she untangles her self and continues on. Later on a black dog approaches Phoenix and she falls into a ditch, a white man helps Phoenix from the ditch, and refers to Phoenix as "granny". He tells Phoenix to go home and sot of flashes his gun to her, but Phoenix does not listen and continues on her journey. Phoenix finally arrives at the building, when she enters the building the workers assume she only came for charity, then they realized who it was "Old Aunt Phoenix". Phoenix gets her bottle and the lady gives Phoenix a nickel for charity, and...