Is it worth being a football fan?

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Many people criticize a lot those football fans. They say that being a football fan would cost you much money and would affect your normal life. They also say whether your favorite football team wins or loses, your life and work will have nothing to do with it. But I don's share the same view. To me there are many reasons to be a football fan.

First, watching a football game is really stimulating. When you watch a competitive match, you do not just look at the ball kicked around, you also see the competition of will, strength, and speed between the two teams. Every time you watch such a game, you feel your heart beat together with the throb of the match. When you see a spectacular display of skill, you feel crazy about it. There are not many things in the world that can be compared to watching a live competitive football match.

Second, the game can give you so much contentment, when you see your favorite team is working hard on the playground. For example, I remember the coach of China's National Football Team once said: "If we cannot make it to the next round, at least we must work hard for one victory. If we cannot win a game, at least we must fight hard to get one goal. If we cannot score one goal, then we must not lose face in front of the 100 million ardent soccer fans watching us." This statement inspires me a lot and gives me so much contentment even though the team has lost many times.

Third, the game has helped me to form a correct attitude toward life. Just like football matches, our life is full of challenges and frustrations, and the result is sometimes unpredictable. It...