Worthy of An Oprah is an essay on the novel "Wild Geese" by Martha Ostenso explaining why it's a book that should be read by all.

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Wild Geese is an excellent book that should be read by everyone because it demonstrates many valuable life lessons to its readers. To begin with, it teaches people how horrible abuse is. Furthermore, this novel shows us how bleak life is in some parts of the world, and in this case Northern Manitoba. Finally, this novel educates us to stand up for ourselves instead of being pathetic "robots" that follow and do what we're told. The Canadian classic novel, Wild Geese, by Martha Ostenso should be on every bookshelf in the world.

Firstly, it shows us how abuse is so awful, and how it ruins families. The Gare family was ruined by their father's control over them. He worked his family to death, and criticized them to no end. Never were they allowed to leave the farm. They were prisoners of it until their death or Caleb's death. There was never any freedom for the members of the Gare farm while Caleb was alive, but at the end of the book when Caleb died, we see how freedom from cruelty is such a wonderful thing.

By looking at how terrible mistreatment is, we can learn how to be kind to family members, and treat them right.

Secondly, Wild Geese shows the reader how austere, hopeless, and miserable life can be for people living in remote spots on the globe. Even though this book was written about the past, there are still many remote places like this around the globe where people are stuck and see no escape from their surroundings. The Gare family (except Caleb) have the worst of both worlds in that they are not only stuck out in the middle of nowhere (Northern Manitoba), but the are trapped with the world's most sadistic husband/father with no escape.