What would DNA samples be able to do for such things as for solving crime? Include actual cases like O.J Simpson and how DNA was used in the courtcase.

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Forensics DNA

Everyone's DNA should be profiled

(and available for certain purposes e.g. Crime)

By "everyone" meaning the whole world including the Prime minister and other high profile people would have to give a sample and that would be a major security breach. Profiled that mean it would be put on a massive mainframe protected by the government or by some higher international government body. DNA in the right scenario will it be used for, solving of crime and to help find the cure for certain diseases. Somehow get into the wrong scenario it would be turning to frame people, and may have many glitches in the system.

DNA used for solving crime may be used in court as a backup for the case as seen in the case of O.J Simpson. Further more DNA usually speaks for itself, mixed with a few chemicals in a certain period of time; put under photographic film makes the genes react.

They resemble the bands from a barcode, if the two bars in this instance the genes; line up then there is a match in the gene. The DNA can simply be taken from the crime scene, the suspect, the victim and the ballistics that may have been used and if there is a match the suspect will be sentenced.

DNA may also be used for the uses of medical research, for instances scientist may find a cure for certain diseases that may be affecting large portions of a certain country. For example countries like Africa are experiencing mass outbreaks of AIDS because of the diseases ability to adapt to the affects of the drugs. But what if science had found a way to treat or even defeat the disease taking peoples lives, just by giving DNA may help to defeat certain...