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My role as a mortician is decidedly serious: few clients (living or dead) visit my business in a positive state of mind. So many people are surprised to discover my wicked sense of humor. In virtually every situation, I love to make people laugh. When surrounded by friends, I often pepper our casual conversation with funny associations and past personal antics. I'm also blessed with the ability to recount past humorous experiences (complete with animation) in a way that preserves the original hilarity. Several years ago, my friends encouraged me to share my raucous comedy at our all-time favorite spot, the NYC Improv in Greenwich Village. On Fridays, the cast members invite audience members on stage to participate in acts with them, and I am always an enthusiastic volunteer. After three years, I became a semi-regular, both for fun and to cheer up after devastating Yankee losses. While I can't claim to match wits with the cast members, I hold my own, providing instant satisfaction for myself and everyone around me.

Standup comedy also helps my performance at work, which is arguably one of the saddest imaginable professions. While nothing will ever be funny about death, maintaining my sense of humor is essential to my ability to provide excellent service on a daily basis. I've learned how to relax under difficult circumstances and cheer up the family and friends of deceased clients. I've learned the value of a smile and a warm gesture during life's desperate moments. I also appreciate the necessity of genuine laughter, a common bond that we all can enjoy every minute that we are alive.