How would the rate of reaction of Bisodel tablet affected by temperature?

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Rate of reaction is a measurement of the speed of reaction. There are many factors that could affect the rate of reaction. e.g. Concentration of the solution, temperature, surface area, catalyst, air pressure and stirring, etc. I decided to choose temperature as my changing variables to investigate the rate of reaction.

Bisodel Tablet

Bisodel tablet is mainly made up of calcium carbonate, which is alkali. It is used when people having stomachache or indigestion.


My aim is to find out the relationship between temperature and the rate of reaction.

Word Equation

Calcium Carbonate + Hydrochloric Acid Carbon Dioxide + Calcium Chloride + Water

Balanced Equation

CaCO3 (s) + 2HCl (aq) CO2 (g ) + CaCl2 (aq ) + H2O (l )


I reckon the rate of reaction will be faster as the temperature rise. It is because when the temperature is increased, the speed of molecules will increased and that means more activation energy for collision to produce reaction.

Particles movement would be quicker in warmer temperature so that reaction would be quicker, then slow down towards the end until the tablet used up. My predictions are also based on an experiment I did last year which was also about the rate of reaction and the temperature.

Safety Considerations

To ensure I am safe enough to carry out any experiment, basic safety protections are required e.g. Lab coat and safety goggles. Also, some other safety caution needed to be watching out during my investigation as well. Hydrochloric acid is corrosive; so that I ensured it would not split on the table or touch the skin as they are harmful to skin and I washed out my equipment very carefully. It was suggested that the hydrochloric acid must not heat over 74 oC so that I have to...