Would a stronger U.S. economy would benifit the Global Economy?

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1.) From a global economy perspective: Is a stronger U.S. Dollar or weaker U.S. Dollar Better.

The U.S. dollar has great influence on global economies as well as our own. In order to understand this concept you must understand trading. Trading is part of international business which is all business activities that involve exchanges across national boundaries. Countries both import and export goods.

* Exporting-selling and shipping raw materials or products to other nations

* Importing-purchasing raw materials or products in other nations and bringing them into one's own country

The total value of nation's exports minus the total value of its imports over some period of time is called the Balance of trade. It is not good to have a negative balance of trade. A negative balance of trade is called a trade deficit. When a country exports more than it imports then it is considered a favorable balance of trade.

Countries can put restrictions on regarding trading with other countries. Some of these include:

* Tariffs-a tax levied on a particular foreign product entering a country.

* Dumping- exporting a mass amount of goods at a lower price than that of the same product in the home market

* Nontariff barrier-a nontax measure imposed by a government to favor domestic trade

* Import Quota- a limit on the amount of a particular good that may be imports into a country during a given period of time.

* Embargo- A complete Halt in trading to a country or product

A country can restrict the amount of a particular foreign currency that can be purchased or sold. This is called foreign-exchange control. A nation can also decrease or increase the value of its money relative to the currency of other nations. This is referred to as Currency devaluation. In...